Sustainability, Initiatives and Innovation

At Millfield our priority is managing the demands of today’s markets without compromising the world’s environmental future. We are committed to working towards low environment impact solutions to help us work towards a more sustainable future and have already invested £2.5million in sustainability initiatives within our business over the past two years:

  • Waste process heat repurposed for factory heating
  • Insulation upgrades of factory facilities to minimise heat loss
  • Investment in 225KW of solar panel energy in our factories
  • Investment of £100,000 in LED lighting and motion sensors to conserve energy use across our factories.
  • Introduction of a Green fleet scheme– ongoing investment in hybrid vehicles.
  • Green gas (carbon offset)
  • Closed Mould processes – reduces process emissions
  • Use of VOC free / low VOC materials
  • Recycling cleaning solvent – road maps to eliminate
  • Waste reduction via recycling packaging such as cardboard, plastic and using reusable packaging and use of returnable stillaging (CO2 mileage)
  • Ongoing R&D into sustainability – thermoplastics and bio-based resins / natural fibres
  • 100KW Hydroelectric scheme on the River Coquet – generating green electricity
  • 100 acres of woodland under forestry management – carbon offset and sustainable timber.
  • Working towards ISO14001