About Millfield

Founded by John Dodd in the North East of England in 1963, Millfield began working in the manufacture of GRP fibreglass structures and mouldings supplying a variety of markets including the machine tool cover market.

In the 1980’s we developed a speciality in the supply of corporate signage to many of the UK’s largest brewing and pub operators.

During the 1990’s Millfield expanded into the design and installation of construction composite cladding.

Today Millfield is still family-owned and operates from two sites – Newburn and Hartlepool in the North East – offering 100,000sq ft of modern manufacturing space all with excellent air and road links.

Our business employs over 100 people, a skilled engineering team with specialist staff operating a fully automated robotic paint line, both 3 and 5 axis CNC machinery, one 3 axis CNC machine and offering apprenticeship opportunities.

Our drive is to deliver a ‘complete composite solutions’ approach to meet our customer’s needs which can range from one-off composite structures through to high volume long term manufacturing partnerships. There are four key divisions within the Millfield Group enabling us to tailor our services to each customer:

  • Millfield Composites Ltd – supply and manufacture of higher volume component parts using GRP polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy and Phenolic resin systems, combined with reinforcements including glass fibre, carbon fibre, aramids and natural fibre. Other process streams include PU and pDCPD.
  • Millfield GRP Products Ltd – manufacture of hand-lay glass reinforced plastic GRP mouldings ranging from standard building products to large, complex large architectural designed structures.
  • Millfield Construction Solutions Ltd – full turnkey project work on large scale construction projects.
  • Millfield Patterns Ltd – Specialist pattern makers for Millfield’s internal division and service providers in timber and resin patterns for the Foundry Industry.