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Water/Waste Sector

Glass fibre components for the water and water sewage treatment industry are ideal because they have excellent corrosion resistance, impact resistance, UV resistance and they are lightweight. Additionally, fire performance and conductivity can be tailored depending on the final component specifications.


Water Tank Covers

Market-leaders across the UK industrial tanks supply and installation market.

Scope of project

· Water tank covers must be lightweight and have excellent corrosion, impact and UV resistance.

· Tank cover must be adaptable to final component specifications, for example, fire retardancy.

Millfields Approach

· Millfield acquired the Walls Filtration business in the 1990s allowing us to offer full turnkey solutions with supply and installation to the water/waste sector.

· Millfield acquired Armfibre more recently which offers our customers a comprehensive range of circular tank covers which span up to 20.5m. Standard sets of covers are available see our full stock listing.

· Millfield can offer a bespoke product. Additional specifications such as access and inspection hatches, air vents and connecting flanges for odour control can be supplied.