A unique socketing compound

Wirelock is a unique socketing compound for use with wire ropes. It is quite simply the best socketing solution for safety, dependability and unparalleled fatigue performance. Wirelock started life in 1962 and has been in general use for almost 50 years.

Wirelock is the original cold socketing compound and, therefore, eliminates the hazards of working with a molten metal, allowing socketing to be done on site in virtually all weather conditions. It is extremely difficult to produce a void free socket when using molten metal, but extremely easy to produce a void free socket using Wirelock. This ensures a quality socket every time.

In order to maintain Wirelock’s dominant position in the marketplace we continually strive to refine and improve the product. We operate a monitoring program to ensure that the quality of Wirelock never varies.

Full technical details of how to use Wirelock can be found in the Wirelock Technical Data Manual which is available upon request. It may also be downloaded from our Technical Manuals Section. You can also watch the Wirelock training aid video by clicking here.