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Product applications

A worldwide reputation

A Worldwide reputation for efficiency and reliability; wide ranging applications and a track record since 1962.

There are five main areas in which Wirelock is the preferred socketing medium:

  1. General Engineering

    Uses are extremely varied and include crane ropes, boom pendants, winches, lifting straps and mast stays. Wirelock should always be used when socketing P.F.V. ropes as the use of a molten metal will melt and vapourise the polymer in the valleys of the rope.

  2. Structures

    These are generally long term applications such as suspended roofs for stadia, aircraft hangers and other diverse structures.

  3. Bridges

    Wirelock is widely used on prestigious new build projects such as the Bosphorus II in Turkey and the Storebaelt in Denmark, which we are proud to include in our project list. Its use in the refurbishment of existing bridges includes those at Albegna in Italy, Elke in Spain, the Forth Road Bridge in Scotland and the Pont d’Aquitaine in France. Some of the bridges use polymer sheathed ropes for maximum corrosion resistance. Wirelock, being a cold process, does not damage the sheathing material and is, therefore, ideal for these applications.

  4. Mining

    Wirelock is the only socketing medium that is currently approved in the UK for both man and materials winding. It is extensively used for the same purposes in the gold mines of South Africa and mines in both Australia and Canada.

  5. Offshore

    Wirelock is the preferred socketing medium for offshore mooring systems worldwide. Moreover, it is the only socketing system that meets the requirements of D.N.V.’s Certification Notes No. 2.5 “Certification of Mooring Steel Wire Ropes” May 1995. It has both Lloyds approval and ABS type Approval.