Serving a diversity of industries

We manufacture patterns in a wide range of materials including timber and resin.

Marine Industry

Rudder Horns; Shaft Brackets; Bearings; Boss Pieces; Gudgeons Winch;  Cable Lifters; Fairlead; Bolsters; Fittings


Wye Pieces; 90deg Bends; 180deg Bends; Crank Bends; Tee Pieces; Manifolds and other fittings

Valve & Pumps

Volute Casings; Ball Valves; Globe Valves; Check Valves; Gate Valves Impellers; Diffusers; Split Casings

Building & Construction

Wood and Resin Moulds for concrete casings; Model Patterns for Columns; Dormers; Bay and Door Canopies; Fascias etc.

If you have a requirement for a specific pattern not included in the categories above please contact: