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Barton Square
Barton Square

Barton Square

Millfield were chosen to manufacture and install GRP balustrades at Barton Square, Trafford Centre Manchester.

The extension of the Trafford Centre called for 1.5km of simulated stone finish balustrading, specified in GRP to reduce weight and in turn provide significant reductions in steelwork and foundation costs.

The program restraints made design,supply and fix of this scope of works technically challenging

Our innovative solution was to produce the 1200 baluster ‘bottles’ by RTM closed mould process, using the facilities at our Composites Division in Hartlepool and their CNC controlled five axis machining facility, in conjunction with our hand lay operations in Newcastle, producing the hand rail, capping and pier Mouldings.

The panels were assembled in the factory as 10 mtr long units before bieng shipped to site.Thus mimimising the time on site and satisfying the requirements of CDM regulations

Millfield  needed Bovis Lend Lease Sub Contractor  Accreditation and C.H.A.S. Accreditation to receive the order. All site works including crane operations were controlled by our Contracts Manager, a qualified appointed person for crane operations and  CSCS qualified site Operatives.

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CASE STUDY Barton Square
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